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Naughty Fanfiction (shh!)

This site is my little archive of fanfiction and "slash" stories. If you're wondering what slash is, well, you probably shouldn't be here. Slash fanfiction is the depiction of two characters from a movie or television show as being in a sexual relationship more-or-less unsupported by the actual canon storyline. Specifically, slash refers to homosexual pairings. It's named for the "slash" that separates the two characters' names in the story description, i.e., Clark/Lex.

Now, then, the obligatory warnings. This is an adult site. If you are underage in your particular area of residence, it is illegal for you to be here, so please go away. You don't want to get into trouble, and I don't want any trouble because of you. If you don't like slash fiction or any positive depictions of homosexuality, it is foolish for you to be here, so please go away.

If you read my stories and enjoy them, please drop me a line, even if it's only one sentence! Feedback is nice. If you don't like them, tell me what you think I should change. (However, if you just think I'm wicked or a no-talent hack and your vocabulary consists largely of invectives, spare me your wisdom, okay? Thanks.)

My stories based on The Sentinel, written under the pseudonym Ashtareth:

Something Different Jim tries... well, something different. Mild consensual b/d. Hasn't squicked anyone yet, that I've heard of. (J/B)

Before I Sleep Blair has a dream while dying. Not a death story. My post-S2 story, written before S2P2 aired. (implied J/B)

Just What I Needed Jim always knows what Blair needs... (J/B)

Below Me Jim gets a late-night phone call. Then he gets something else. (J/B)

My stories based on Highlander: The Series, originally written under the pseudonym Ishtar:

Personal Revelation Methos obsesses over his reactions to Cassandra. (reference to m/m)

No Promises MacLeod obsesses over his reactions to Byron. Mac and Methos offer each other some comfort. (D/M)

My stories based on Stargate SG-1:

Three A work in progress. On an exploratory mission, SG-1 finds a friendly but puzzling population.

My stories based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel:

New Year's Slash It's the first night of the New Millennium, and the staff of Angel Investigations gets drunk. Angel/Doyle. (No spoilers.)

Anticipation A snippet. Spike considers the change in his lifestyle since he ran afoul of the Initiative. (Post-Pangs) (No naughty stuff for once, sorry.) This vignette was written for the Spikefic list, under the pseudonym Jack.

After Another vignette. Angel masturbates, thinking about Drusilla.

Obligatory Disclaimer

None of the characters and concepts in these stories, nor the television shows they are based on, nor any images displayed on these pages, belong to me. They belong to their respective copyright holders, which includes Pet Fly Productions, Davis/Panzer, Mutant Enemy, and undoubtedly some other legal entities which are not me. I am using them for entertainment purposes only, and no profit is being made or is intended to be made through their use.
"A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend." - Willow, BtVS

If you'd like to link to this page or any of my stories here, or archive any stories, I"m flattered, but please ask me first; I'll probably say yes, but I'd like to know where they're going.

You can e-mail me at with questions, suggestions, compliments, and creative criticism. Flames will be eagerly consumed by my evil minions.

It's the content.
The rest of it is window-dressing. You can make your pages look absolutely fabulous but if they don't say anything, nobody's going to care. Don't give the world another glorified multimedia dot-finger file. Give the world your art, your music, your poetry, your political rants, your short stories, your first grade photos, your shareware and freeware, your archives of hobby stuff, your hints about how to make great tie-dye, your really handy Perl script, your list of the ten best bookstores in the Greater Podunk area. You know something that nobody else knows. You can do something that nobody else can do quite the same way. You've made something that the rest of the world has never seen.
Share it. Put it in your web page.
- From C.J. Silverio's Rant on Why the Web Sucks

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Updated on January 28, 2006